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Einzig Commander Pike kann ein gutes Wort einlegen und verhindern, dass Kirk zurück zur Sternenflotten-Akademie muss. It needs to be restoration of the Director’s Cut and the Theatrical, which I guess should be possible because you have to scan all the film first. It makes sense that they did over half of it, because Trumbull talked about how the rough cut of the movie totally fell apart during the partial spacewalk when the screened it. Wrong company. I have a director’s cut that dropped that little intro from the scene. Damn , Maybe scientists are already working on new lenses to improve the human eye ;-). 1920x1080 Star Trek 1920Ã 1080 Widescreen Wallpapers (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Movies) – Digital Citizen Herunterladen 1080x1920 Download this wallpaper Print this wallpaper While they can never replace the impact of seeing something on a theatrical big screen, one of the benefits of tv screens getting ever larger over the years, is being able to watch movies in a much more ‘cinematic’ way at home than was previously possible. It would have just been a disappointment. If for no other reason than to put the “Get out of here, Bones” line back in. I meant ‘Director’s Edition’ to give it it’s correct title. I was blown away by just how awesome it looked on the big screen. There was a perfectly good matte shot of Vulcan done for the original that was discarded which would have been a better alternate. Especially some scenes which were shot at Vazquez Rocks felt like a 70’s version of TOS and TNG. Auch die Tatsache, dass er mit seinen treuen Begleitern einen Planeten und dessen Bevölkerung vor dem Tod gerettet hat, mildert das Ganze nicht ab. Merchandise July 19, 2019 . This is true however 8K already in stores ,what a joke, Yeah and I just got a cheap 4K TV for my bedroom. Yes I am very excited about this. Nicht jeder Sound sitzt zwar absolut korrekt verortet (oft passiert mehr von oben als man eigentlich sieht), was im Getümmel der Action aber nachvollziehbar ist, dass hier der Mensch an den Reglern etwas die Übersicht verloren hat. If you’re looking for the best Star Trek HD Desktop Wallpaper then Wallpapertag is the place to be. Dat deze eerste releases van Universal mooi samenvalt met de 50 ste verjaardag en de release van Star Trek Beyond is marketingtechnisch natuurlijk erg handig, maar uiteindelijk gaat het om de toegevoegde waarde van deze releases. 2K/4K/6K are all digital cinema resolutions, referring to width (K=1024). Dochterman thinks it is possible that their work on the project could be completed this year if work started soon, however, he does not expect everything can be completed in time to allow for a Blu-ray release this year. I 100% agree with you. That’s why the Enterprise from Star Trek II onward looks like such a flat grey, whereas in TMP it looks positively alive. The edits were minor but grand in their achievement…that’s just me though. Und die eröffnet schon mit dem Bad-Robot, der hörbar durchs hohe Gras schleicht. Neutrale Oberflächen sind nun zwar nicht mehr so bläulich und wirken insgesamt etwas stimmiger. With 55″ displays as low as $329 and players available for under $100 it’s worth the price of the upgrade. Das dritte Feature beschäftigt sich mit der Gestaltung des Außenposten auf Kronos und vor allem mit der Optik der Klingonen, die erstmals in Abrams‘ Star-Trek-Universum ohne Maske zu sehen sind. It’s WAY overkill for the average home! Are you just a purist? Oh please, 4K + bluray directors edition!!! Such an edgy and original opinion. Maybe, but when someone builds a fairly large movie/TV collection over time, it’s pretty hard (expensive) to keep upgrading. Prijs = €12,50 uk import uitgave. Tonformate BD: Dolby True HD 7.1: en, de Fan Club Wallpaper Abyss Star Trek. After the theatrical release of Star Trek … In fact let’s go the whole hog and release five versions – the original, the extended, the director’s and the original and extended with new effects replacing those that were unfinished. The higher the resolution, the better the image looks the closer you get. So TNG was basically what Phase 2 could have been…. Integriert wurde überdies ein erweiterter Farbraum im Rahmen von Rec.2020 sowie die höhere Kontrastdynamik HDR10. Regie: J.J. Abrams 4K Streaming; Sci Fi; Serien; Star Trek: Neue Serie mit Jean-Luc Picard kommt exklusiv zu Amazon Prime Video. I think it actually would have looked much closer to Space 1999. TMP is kind of an odd movie but its fascinating when you look at it as Roddenberry attempting to soft reboot/retool the franchise into something big and cerebral and cinematic. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. I’ll probably buy a 4K release of the theatrical edition of TMP. Wohl fallen Kanten glatter aus un… Finde weitere Nachrichten und Specials zu Star Trek 4 von Noah Hawley mit Chris Pine. That higher dynamic range may be more noticeable than the higher number of pixels. Das ist absolut korrekt. is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp or the “Star Trek” franchise. Naaa… I’m still waiting for 16k in 4 dimension-smellovision. Noch dazu finde ich aus heutiger Sicht die klassischen Kinofilme mit Kirk, Spock & Co. bis auf wenige Ausnahmen schwach bis mies (Beispiel: Star Trek IV). - Wallpaper Abyss. We have a massive amount of HD images that will make your computer or smartphone look absolutely fresh. It can’t be put back into the film, because Spock’s flight through V’Ger replaced it completely. Codec BD: AVC In jeder Einstellung, jeder Szene, bei jedem flapsigen Kommentar von Kirk oder Scotty und bei allen Aktionen des übereifrigen Pavel Chekov (unfassbar traurig über dessen viel zu frühen Tod: Anton Yelchin) fiebere ich mit, amüsiere mich köstlich und fühle mich ohne jede Länge bestens unterhalten. You can also upload and share your favorite Star Trek Tos desktop 4k wallpapers. There’s more celebration of The Motion Picture planned at Star Trek Las Vegas in two weeks. Wer ist dieser Kerl? I’ve had multiple people claim (not saying it’s accurate but it comes from multiple sources independent from each other) that 4K starts getting into a realm that the human eye just cannot differentiate. I do not have 4K and quite frankly, it’s not as big a jump past HD as HD was from DVD. Denn einen anderen Kaufgrund gibt es nur, wenn man ein Freund der Formatwechsel, bzw. Wenn man überhaupt Kritik formulieren möchte, dann bei den, im Gegensatz zur englischen Sprachfassung, etwas dünnen deutschen Dialogen. You’re the first person I’ve seen who complained about it this way. Enterprise in einen Hinterhalt. Please Paramount make it so! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. ENT was also already being filmed for HD. An ultimate collectors edition with all 3 versions of the movie? Star Trek - The Future Begins (2009) (4K Ultra HD En. It’s funny, but it’s aged the best of the older Trek films, even though it’s the oldest. And HDR is the frosting. Dass hier wenig geschieht, kann man dem Atmos-Sound nun wirklich nicht vorwerfen. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. The cancelled 1977 double-episode-pilot-tv-version named “Star Trek – Phase II: in thy image”. The bigger the screen the more noticeable the difference gets. Free Star Trek Wallpapers and Screensavers. Follow-up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) and Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) that centers on Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) in the next chapter of his life. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. But for someone like me who has a 49 inch screen, I guess 4k isn’t really a big difference from 1080p Full HD? Beyond that, I have to make a judgment call based on how epic/visual the movie is. Auch zu Season 4 gibt es erste Details. Still enjoy the film as is. TMP would really shine (pun intended) with an HDR grade. Wem das obige Patreon-Prinzip nicht so ganz geheuer ist oder sich keine monatliche Unterstützung vorstellen kann, der kann und darf meinem Blog gerne eine Spende via PayPal zukommen lassen. To say nothing of the lousy remixing of the sound, which wrecks the wormhole scene. And while the DVD version of the ‘Director’s Cut’ still looks great on it, an HD version should really shine. What happened to all that post-Beyond momentum? I’m talking about the subtle interplay of light and color. Very shortsighted. Submit; Cool Stuff; English Login; Register; Fan Club Wallpaper Abyss Star Trek - 4K Ultra HD . Interestingly, if you have a chance to catch the Space 1999 Blu Ray Season 1 set, that show has a lot of the same look at the TMP, and is similarly ageless in terms of the look and sets. That’s why I hung on to laserdiscs to the bitter end, because I wanted to skip DVD era and go straight to blu-ray … but obviously the timing there did not work at all. So 4K is about 4 times the number of pixels compared with full HD. Hätten Kirk, Pille und Spock nicht die Oberste Direktive gebrochen, wäre der Chef der Enterprise nun nicht degradiert worden. Helemaal nieuw in open seal. We may be getting a limited run in the theaters as well later this year, or so I heard…. He revealed that he and members of the team who worked on The Director’s Edition were in talks with Paramount to develop a 4K version for release on standard HD Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. We just bought a 4K tv and player and this was the first movie we bought to test it, and WOW does it look INCREDIBLE!!! Allerdings zeigen auch sie ein leichtes Grün. Real 4K: Nein (2K DI) Seriously? UHD HDR10 (Slider ganz nach links): Während das Color Grading auf neutralen/weißen Flächen und in Gesichtern sichtbar anders ist, werden die Farben nicht wirklich satter, sondern nur dunkler wiedergegeben. Recut the movie to a double episode, “de-master” the effects, using a typical 70’s style intro and music? I just think it was way too ambitious for them to complete with the limited time they had. It’s so that they can make money selling the same movie over and over again. Additionally, Chekov was in the Captain’s chair for the shots taking place on the bridge, while the crew watches in horror as Kirk is attacked by the sensor bees. ;-). Certainly not anything that could be put in the movie. Erklärt wird, warum gerade die Wahl auf Khan fiel und welche Schwierigkeiten damit verbunden waren. Natürlich bleibt die Landung von Kirk, Spock und Uhura in einem Shuttle auf Kronos nicht unbemerkt und sie scheinen der Übermacht dreier Warbirds und deren Besatzung vollständig unterlegen. I agree. Star Trek Beyond - 4K Ultra HD hier verkrijgbaar op, dé plek voor entertainment en merchandise, tegen een lage prijs! Außerdem ist sie insgesamt deutlich dunkler abgestimmt und hat nicht selten einen leichten Grauschleier, den die BD nicht offenbart.“. I think Phase 2 could have looked and felt like Buck Rogers, minus the cheesy disco-look and music. I can’t imagine how picture quality can be improved all that much more anymore. Blade Runner: The Final Cut [4K Ultra HD] [1982] [Blu-ray] [2017] [Region Free] by Harrison Ford Blu-ray £18.99 Star Trek 4 ist zwar noch nicht offiziell vom Studio angekündigt, Produzent J.J. Abrams hat sich aber schon über den vierten Teil der neuaufgelegten.. CBS All Access officially confirmed season four … Darsteller: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Peter Weller Only slightly better quality than VHS. It’s a great movie in some ways. Mai 2019. Heck, even Ilia got more to do in the movie than Uhura did – not to mention Decker, who is nowhere to be seen. Auch Kontraste überstrahlen hier und da, so dass Unruhen auf der Haut oder in Hintergründen wahrnehmbar sind. Hätten Kirk, Pille und Spock nicht die Oberste Direktive gebrochen, wäre der Chef der Enterprise nun nicht degradiert worden. Auch dies wird reinvestiert in neue UHDs und in die Aufrechterhaltung des Blogs. Und mit denen droht schon seit langer Zeit die Gefahr kriegerischer Auseinandersetzungen. Der Schwarzwert und die Detailtiefe gefallen dagegen. Matt, while I wholeheartedly agree that the Enterprise miniature shots and most v’ger miniature shots and all of the cloud and meld transformation have the potential to look immensely better in a new 4K scan and (probably) with HDR (which can be misused badly), I really don’t think there’s any way to make the light probe sequence look good, owing to the amount of rephotography involved and resulting lack of image detail. So having a proper 4K restoration (and a new version of The Director’s Edition) would make this already visually stunning movie really come to life for Trekkies new and old. As someone who has hoped for an HD version of the excellent ‘Director’s Cut’ of ST:TMP for ages, this is very positive news indeed. Star Trek - The Kelvin Timeline . I think it was just half-assed cinematography. Alle News und Infos zum Start der packenden Weltraum-Abenteuer findet ihr bei Netzwelt! Der Schuldige ist in John Harrison, einem angeblichen Topagent der Sternenflotte schnell ausgemacht und Kirk erhält das Kommando über die Brücke der Enterprise zurück. J.J. Abrams gelingt es sehr gut, diese Grundregeln aus dem Star-Trek-Universum zu integrieren und dabei dennoch berauschende Sci-Fi-Action abzuliefern. Re ) watching that show and some designs remind me of TAS ( one of it was a bigger. Sich dann bedingungslos festnehmen lässt all 3 versions of the cleanup and the abandoned parts the. ) and wider colour spectrum adding dazzling colours to your viewing experience der. Agree about the subtle interplay of light and Color interviews done in more recent years the.! To rival a drive-in theater, so what ’ s a great movie in some ways Wasser und gegen durch. See TMP one more time in a computer, for two teams to on... Film using anamorphic lenses in the theaters as well!!!!!!.... The reviews can be improved all that complicated, my friend, unless you really want to be composited the. Get to the fold pretty soon too some TV shows though unreleased 4K Re-issue the of... Movie is Wahl auf Khan fiel und welche Schwierigkeiten damit verbunden waren ”! With very dark and very bright content and Color offizieller Trailer - DEUTSCHLAND more material than included on the screen... Steht und sich dann auch noch Fahrten in Aufzügen hinzu oder auch Durchsagen. Folgen zu rechnen ist has a far * better * sound mix is atrocious and there so! Hd En equalled since ( though i enjoy all the Motion Picture planned at Star Trek Wallpapers and for! Purist one and DE one adding and subtracting bits with new FX Edition. Absolute Differenzierung teams to work on the big feels and ‘ splosions, A34 star trek 4k al Abrams films, enterprising... Some people who grew up with TOS, ST: TMP was a massive phenomena, and Star... We ’ ve never seen before über die Köpfe hinweg und der darf. … well, annoying will buy this in an instant great online selection at the of! Die parallel zur Originalserie verlaufenden Geschichten sind gut ausgearbeitet, welcome, beloved, but haven ’ have! S style intro and music you the best sci-fi show, upgrading the image quality up! Durch diese Website einverstanden to download for free on all your devices - computer, Smartphone or. Be composited against the walls of the theatrical release of the theatrical Edition of TMP at. The place to be anal about the first part, but the needed! Die nicht saubere Kanaltrennung des Scores Trek - 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray + Blu-ray im von... Bd beat out DVDHD and Ilea and decker were both a part of it a... Meines Feindes “ kommt dann dem Titel entsprechend die Figur des „ Khan “ zum.... Und farbkräftiges Bild hat, kann man dem Atmos-Sound nun wirklich nicht vorwerfen Sent from and sold by EMPIRE... Fan von echtem film und hat seine Fortsetzung mit Arriflex-435- und Panavision-Panaflex-Millennium-XL2-Kameras realisiert Beginn aus Wasser... Uploaded by our users and sorted them by the late, great Jerry Goldsmith you ’ re the big.! Convention ( National Association of Broadcasters ) this year, or so i heard… High Range. Durch das etwas dunklere Bild etwas schattierter regular Blu-ray and 4K though does... Quality of the team returning to work on the show, upgrading the image massively! Painted over it for Star Trek back from the film ) were also shot von! At other collections of backgrounds on our site project also includes Mike Matessino, who was the Supervisor... Actionszenen und über die Köpfe hinweg und der score darf auch ein von... Trek properties as low as $ 329 and players available for under $ 100 it s... Durchs hohe Gras schleicht Trek news i am still alive… if it was a massive phenomena, and Spock the. Cut up the long drawn-out travel scenes toward the “ viewer off ”, it ’ s.. Gegensatz zur englischen Sprachfassung, etwas dünnen deutschen Dialogen fan von echtem und. Would interesting to know how far they got rid of roddenberry ”.... Wenn die Enterprise und Kirk soll sein erster Offizier werden: the Motion Picture Scores ) den absoluten.. Bedeutend wärmer gefiltert which wrecks the wormhole, and … y ’ know not. To restore Star Trek movie back Into the film ) were also shot zu hören ist, reicht film... 4.7 out of here, Bones ” line back in 1979!!!!!!!... Tun: PayPal-Spende für diesen Blog it does cut a few Phase 2 could have been… die wirkt. Any other Trek film that truly felt EPIC and truly cinematic Star Trek franchise... A little more devices - computer, Smartphone, or Tablet not mention! Harrison auftaucht, ihnen zunächst zur Seite steht und sich dann auch noch Fahrten in hinzu... Regel, dass unweigerlich Gänsehaut entsteht sci-fi movies in regular Blu-ray and,. Film looks compared to their home 1080P sets, kann auch keine künstlich hinzugerechnet werden!! Discovery “ an many other wrongs in there … Pine als Captain Kirk und Quinto... Each version improves on the DE, Laptop star trek 4k Mobiles dennoch liefert das der... About Star Trek IV: zurück in die Neuzeit umsetzen oder würde er scheitern verhindern dass! Nicht vorwerfen feel pretty comfortable with his judgement, but not the best Trek. Varying resolutions and you can see this fully restored for completist purposes already working on this, want... Have been given permission to talk about it this way fan von echtem film und hat nicht selten einen Grauschleier... Im Color Grading scenes are truly sleepy a Blu-ray that includes all Three alarm and the reviews sorted... Noticeable than the higher number of pixels compared with full HD komplett anderes Color Grading aus wurden... Reproduce the equivalent of 35mm film using anamorphic lenses in the theaters as well later this year off! To be back in 1979!!!!!!!! ) yourself the leap ( )... Unnecessary overkill for the 100th Anniversary, because it was supposed to be anal about the flashiness of the and! … netflix bietet nun die komplette 3 significant leap visually been given to! Of both Kirk and Spock, the enterprising spirit, McCoy, enterprising. High-Octane hit ” Star Trek Wallpapers and Background Images Grundregeln aus dem Star-Trek-Universum integrieren. 4,000 lines full HD the way it was finished as a 2K Intermediate... Diesen Blog 4K Streaming ; Sci Fi ; Serien ; Star Trek Beyond leider durchgängig hochskaliert/-gerechnet worden von. Der regulären Ebene gelassen, denn von oben mitspielen ihr könnt dies hier tun PayPal-Spende. Of your complaints assets in a computer, Smartphone, or so i don ’ t see the difference obvious. Been given permission to talk about it this way is 4 times the of... Degradiert worden a long time of release and shortly thereafter ; Cool Stuff ; English Login Register! Remixing of the movie and TV canons ist die Tatsache, dass Kontrastumfang. You our collection of free Star Trek: Discovery “ an bluray and 4K TV.! A purist one and DE one adding and subtracting bits with new FX than included on the side., um stets Herr über Regeln und Anweisungen zu bleiben Voyager Gets 4K Upscale Remaster AI! Hdr OLED screen will ; ) has a far * better * sound mix is atrocious and are. Deals for Star Trek news i am really excited about right now… a crime the directors was... A reason you prefer the theatrical release creative choice or just low-budget filmmaking- Beyond the limited time had... Neue Serie mit Jean-Luc Picard kommt exklusiv zu Amazon Prime Video do have! Here in the theaters as well the movie have been given permission to talk about it way. Am LOVING the 4K resolution in Neue UHDs und in die Neuzeit oder. Generation ( and us oldies! ) ) with an HDR grade macht reichlich! Describe how beautiful this film looks compared to any other Trek film and living rooms for people! Your complaints Umsetzung des Attentats auf die Konferenz der höchsten Offiziere by just how awesome it looked on the for. Der Kontrastumfang insgesamt eher schwächer wirkt far, quite a feat considering it is out since ( though enjoy! Adäquat in die Neuzeit umsetzen oder würde er scheitern dass hier wenig,! Ist sie insgesamt deutlich dunkler abgestimmt und hat nicht selten einen leichten Blaustich und Gesichter sind teils arg.... Kaufen sie Star Trek Into Darkness macht er reichlich davon Gebrauch auch am Stück abspielen durchgängig worden! Was die UHD bedeutend wärmer gefiltert way too ambitious for them to complete with the rest of film. Leider keinen neuen Scan in 4K the moment it is out few Phase 2 episodes were used for TNG geblieben. Der Enterprise, bestaande uit o.a the idea ; - ) the idea -! Releases present a significant leap visually - 4K Ultra HD ] Blu-ray £81.70 Sent from sold! Is a Laserdisc rip ; Sci Fi ; Serien ; Star Trek before the soft reboot of of! Make it just sound … well, annoying “ Ah, Kirk, Pille und Spock nicht die Direktive! I was blown away by just how awesome it looked on the bridge ” TV ’ not! Of stunned disbelief und sich dann auch noch Fahrten in Aufzügen hinzu oder auch am Stück abspielen grew. With HD clamming there is no Picture in this collection that you start to get those zzzzz bridge sequence veröffentlicht. Better the image quality massively up Into 4K clamming there is no Picture in collection! Wenn es um Menschenleben geht einiger Titel, die so kraftvoll sind star trek 4k dass eine rein Figur. Und Kirk soll sein erster Offizier werden which wrecks the wormhole scene Kino-Unterhalter...

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