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great rates and quality calls!. With Rebtel, you can call any landline or mobile around the world at the lowest prices without sacrificing quality. Unable to contact customer service when we want.. In my case I use it to call from UK (mobile) to Argentina (Land lines). When I complained to them directly I got nowhere . We really appreciate you sharing this with us. Hi Mak, Thanks for expressing your satisfaction with our service through this review! We are very delighted to see your beautiful comments about our service. Do you agree with Rebtel’s 4-star rating? Reply. Please contact us at [email protected], so we can check your Rebtel account and provide you an immediate solution to your concern. I believe there should be a minimum time to purcahse because of administrative costs, but customers should be allowed to buy airtime as they deem fit and can afford.3. Terrific International Service to the Philippines. Straight forward. Hi Donald, Your opinion matters to us! They keep saying your account has been restricted and you can't find them anywhere scumbags Refund my money. At first I was doubtful but I gave it a try anyway. Canada Phone Number +12502891868 Refresh this page. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore, Thank you for your nice feedback, Na! The pricing is extremely fair so I'm now able to chat to my relative without worrying about the cost. We are happy to know that you love Rebtel because of the great call quality you're experiencing. Hi Peter, Thanks for writing us a review! I would recommend anyone for using this with my full support. Disappointed by their actions, Don't ever try to leave your credit card details with rebtel, otherwise, u regret it. you cannot hear ringing on other side.. keep on waiting to connect. Hi Ahmad, Thanks a lot for your time in writing us this review! Calling Poland last November. No Registration. Rebtel VoIP is an easy way to make free calls and cheap international calls using WiFi, 3G or local access numbers! Quality is great. I would definitely recommend Rebtel. What do I do if I get a low credit message? Rebtel is the only international calling app with high-quality calls that don’t depend on internet.No calling card? Please send us an email to [email protected] with your phone number in international format so we can investigate the problem. I was blown away by the excellent pricing and quality of my first call to Canada. Rebtel has replied to my Review by asking me to contact them so they can help me make my calls. 075108 is your verification code for Krypto. Have a nice day!-Mark Lowell Daphne Kerubo 1 review. It's great to be able to talk to family and friends without being restricted by a number of minutes, especially they are so far away. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions or contact our support team via email or live chat. I have some issues:1. We are really glad to see such beautiful review! Our app is surely designed to be used easily, and we offer the cheapest calling rate in the market, but with an excellent call quality. Ok! Very clear and uninterrupted calls Cost effective, and very clear and uninterrupted calls. Of course no customer service PHONE number, how smart! Let's check , so we can give you an immediate solution, please send an email to [email protected] Continue to enjoy calling with Rebtel! We are really glad to know that you're experiencing an excellent call quality with Rebtel, and that you find our service as the best for long distance call. Hi there, Thanks for writing us a review! Crisp, clear calls. It allows its users to make low-cost or free international calls using its smartphone apps or landlines. Check out what 7,124 people have written so far, and share your own experience. How to Redeem a Coupon Code at Rebtel. A terrific, clear, easy to set up and easy to use service. Honestly you disappoint me when l add minutes that l don't get right away. Welcome to Rebtel Hi there, Thanks a lot for your time writing us a review! The quality of the phone line has been excellent. We can assure you that we are doing our best working with our suppliers in Philippines to lower the rates while still maintaining our excellent call quality, so hopefully we'll be able to offer cheaper rates, and add more numbers to the Philippine limited plan! Hi Angela, we're so happy to know that you like our service. Hi Veerendra, Thanks a lot for writing us a review! We are glad that we have delivered you what we promised; an excellent call quality at a very cheap price. Thanks for recommending our service! Hi Audrey, Thanks for writing us a review! You always deserve the best calling experience. We're so happy that you find our service excellent in both quality and offered rates. Have a nice day! Check out what 6,993 people have written so far, and share your own experience. They will automatically be taking money from your account even when you had switch off auto top up. United States phone number +17724108974 receive text messages online. Continue to enjoy calling with Rebtel! The first time, it was reverted, it happened again now even when l disabled auto top up.I don't have any problem with their services but unfortunately they cannot be trusted with cards. Try now, your first call is free. Easy sign up. Hi Alan, Thanks for writing us a review! Rebtel used to offer good services but over the past year, it has gone from bad to worse. Talk to our team. If you need further help, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to assist you! 3. No problem. So far this one is the best with an affordable price tag and a very good call connection. Thank you! If you collect money from people, you must honor your end of the bargain.Asking the customer to pay more money before making calls is outright fraud.Please explain why you collect $1 for 20 minutes of calls; but those 20 minutes are not made availablePlease Refund My $1 or Give Me 20 Minutes Of Calls To Ghana.Scam Scam Scam. Rebtel charges three times higher than other companies for international calls. /Liza. A VoIP solution lets customers connect any handheld (or tablet, or PC) from anywhere, through WiFi and using local phone numbers.With Voxbone’s communications support, the communications provider is gliding through the cloud rather than getting snagged on the complications that traditional telephony can throw at you. So far I've made two phone calls and they've both been easy and smooth procedures. Web-based Calling is under development. I can conclude that you haven't disabled the auto top-up/subscription. am using rebtel from past 4 months , intially it is good. I'm sorry but based on customer's feedback, Rebtel decided to discontinue the SMS feature. Continue to enjoy calling with Rebtel! From: +12232031605. No drop call. Strongly recommend! We use Rebtel for calls and recharges to Cuba (as a couple, we have two accounts). Hi Jon, Thanks a lot for sparing your time for writing us this beautiful review! Deeply disappointed in you!!! Rebtel has several unique and useful features like:-You get a unique number for every contact you add in your Rebtel Contact List. No wi-fi? The rates to Africa are unbeatable and the quality of the call connection is exceptional. Rebtel Jakobsbergsgatan 16 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden. I heard about Rebtel from my Indian friend. //Liza, We are so happy that you find our service excellent, Moira! Enjoy your calls! My other issue is that, I changed my phone number two days ago and I Completely forgot about my credit. United States phone number +19179835411 receive text messages online. Everyone should have this one. I love this app and their service. Thanks. Offer both month to month and/or a balance that does NOT expire. Thank you for that! This is a public channel, and we cannot ask your phone number here for security reasons. We can't wait for you to try our subscriptions. When you purchase Rebtel credits, usually, it will be added right away. Cost effective, and very clear and uninterrupted calls. Hi Taye, Thanks for writing us a review! Why can't I call with a hidden number? We are happy that we've delivered you the service that we promised; an excellent call quality at a very cheap price. so far so good and I will add more minutes soon. Check out what 7,126 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Hi Colin, Thanks for writing us a review! We have been providing international calling service for more than 10 years, and through that time we've earned our legitimacy. Indeed we offer cheap calling rate to anywhere in the world, but we never compromise the quality of our service. Please send an email to [email protected] so we can give you solution. Have a nice day! Check out what 7,165 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Help Here is your Rebtel PIN: 1247. Now you are all set to start using the best international calling service. You voice matters so much to us. Hi there, Thanks a lot for expressing your satisfaction with our app through this review! The option we have is $5, $10, and $20, you may choose from the smallest denomination according to your needs, however, your suggestion is carefully noted. Hi Daphne, Thanks for writing us such a beautiful review! We'll wait for your email!-Mark Lowell Liz Watson 1 review. A great product. Thank you for downloading the Rebtel app! Based on the information you provided, it seems that you've hit any of these, hence your account got locked. Redeem a Rebtel coupon code you discovered on Giving Assistant by copying it and clicking the link to be directed to Since we only offer support via chat and email, we would appreciate it if you can share the number you have called to reach us and your registered number at [email protected] so we can better assist you. You mentioned that you already purchased the $1 for 20 minutes to call Ghana, if you already received the confirmation receipt, therefore, the credits was already added to your Rebtel account. 2. We don't and we will never intend to scam people, we've been providing this international calling service for more than 10 years, and with it, we earned our legitimacy. Hi Marco, Thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review! All cool, a perfect way for a cheap call around the world! We've added 3 free minutes to your account, so go ahead and make your first call for free! This is an excellent product, user friendly and the quality of the calls is great! later becomes worst service. You gave us a 4 star rating, is there something else we could do to make it a 5 star? My call today to Nigeria was not very clear, noisy and it was difficult to understand who I was speaking with.2.Why are there no other options to refill airtime except in $5 increments? Please don’t limit the number to call in the Philippines during this crisis so can help my fellow countrymen who are needs to call because of the COVID-19 and typhoon and please lower the monthly fees so someone can afford it to purchase during this crisis.Thank you. Thanks for recommending Rebtel! We hope to have you for many more years to come. The feature was costly to maintain and not very popular among users, so we chose to discontinue it to focus on what our users were most interested in using. Excellent service with responsive staff.Quite happy to always use this service, This is the biggest scum I've ever seen in my life I just purchased my package and couldn't even make a single call. Hard work be gots success your company has been upfront in connecting families around the world.job well done. Check back soon! I've used it only 3x so far but very happy happy. We are always ready if you need our help! US. Continue to enjoy calling with Rebtel! Hi Charles, Thanks a lot for writing us a review! | Read 3,001-3,020 Reviews out of 7,124 Thank you for downloading the Rebtel app! Rebtel reacted by shutting me off and I can’t access the app again!!! Rebtel works on any phone without installing software or an internet connection. We are glad to know that you're satisfied with our service. SS6mkUvCQpB . We are happy that you are satisfied with our service. Happy calling! I just put my headphones and I am lost in conversations with my mother. //Liza, Hi Peachy, thanks for giving us a shot! We are streamlining our functions to focus on making calling even better for you. //Liza, Hi Stephen! You may directly contact us at [email protected] , it's our customer support service channel. Hi there, thanks a lot for updating your review, and for giving us a 5 star! If you use the "phonelines" call setup, you will be charged by your local provider for local rate of the call. I understand that you wish to solve this issue by crediting the amount directly to your card. Rebtel provides international calling apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and PC. Site is well design and easy to navigate. You can use this United States phone number to receive SMS verification code for phone verification or other purposes. Hi Toyin, Based on the information you provided, we refunded you the payment which was made for the auto top-up/subscription, which means that we never intend to charge your account without your consent. From: +12032045838. We are happy to know that you are satisfied with the excellent service that we provide. Continue to enjoy calling with Rebtel! When I asked why they don't advertise the fact that there are limits , the response was that I was supposed to look at the small print of a DIFFERENT PRODUCT where after many repeats of Spain Unlimited again and again, it mentions that it may be limited BUT IF YOU BUY 'GLOBAL UNLIMITED' YOU WILL NEVER FIND ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY RESEMBLING LIMITATION !To my mind this is ILLEGAL - selling a limited product under the flag of UNLIMITED !If they don't change it voluntarily - customers should take legal action as this is a matter of principle .As an aside they would not say- even after repeated requests - when those limitations are taking effect ! This is the exact experience we want all of our users to have. Hi there, Thanks for writing us a review! //Liza, Thank you, Madhu! Your voice matters so much to us, as it helps us to make our service even better. The dispute entails an entirely different and more complicated legal process for everybody involved. I wanted to make a call yesterday, but Couldn't be able to use the credit that’s in my Previous account because I was using a different phone number. There are so many privacy and data breaches recent and past and hence need to make sure all of our customer/client accounts are safe and securePlease advise as there aren't any phone numbers at all !!! Rebtel aims to solve the problems that any migrant encounters when crossing a border, whether fleeing for something or racing towards something better: communications, work and banking problems.

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