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Too large an impression roller, however, can cause printing defects, as the substrate remains in the nip for a longer period of time. Dark color inks are printed on first and second units 3. 10 Troubleshooting Tips for Gravure Printing, Check the air velocity, oven temperature, and doctor blade angles, Upgrade ink film integrity by changing the solvent system, Increasing cell volume by re-etching the cylinder, Adopt a single set of procedures for all operators, Clean and inspect the equipment between presses, Learn to identify the causes and provide solutions to problems experienced by printers every day. Common flexographic printing defects and its causes: The most common causes for different print defects are explained below: EXCESSIVE DOT GAIN: Dot gain occurs in every print. Gravure printing. Briefly, the pattern to be printed is engraved as a discrete cavity into a rotary printing cylinder. Start by consulting the cylinder department. From the pressroom to prepress and platemaking, there are many factors that may contribute to this defect. The excessive friction caused during web gravure printing can also result in high static charge buildup. Why: Hickeys are caused by dirt, paper fibers or hardened specks of ink on the printing plate or blanket. You’re under increased pressure to maximize productivity, decrease waste and run efficiently to increase the bottom line. The use of additives can frequently overcome the problem of pinholing. Therefore, looking into your anilox is always a good way to start. • Slow ink down • Add extender • Use coarser anilox • Reduce press speed Ghosting Problem: Part of image not printing; resembles an offset of same image. Gravure printing covers many markets — flexible packaging, paperboard, illustration, decorative, and others. We post our thoughts on temperature control, technology, viscosity and industry regularly. Appearance: Images appear darker and sometimes less high-resolution than intended. The copper is chrome plated for durability. When the gloss is too high, reduce viscosity by adding a solvent, or use a pigmented extender. The example below is taken from a magazine article. +�k�4ٷ���5�����z��T�����劙�֍�}M��̝5X}pͳ��}yt]�l�2�4o۾?��:j�h�?_:�Z�Ņ��q0���U��M����j�AӲէ��r�][���ulVtqK]����^��6�Ma]�?�oP�x�fӎ:p��.�w�����HD���������笏�G7�anS,�_x���˵v��i�t8�[���V�S4e�b�̖>h�� �}-wӲ�����a�oA5_V9�b�j���s��vV���?ZzGG��3�����-Ʈ��Yc_�$���*��]���Ε���o�/+���Ukk��z� -���(�}e�8|\jȷ�:�����?� Ix��jc�����7�����Ա�Ǭ��Q麢�n��>B������a�x]O7:���7�T�Yc7L�3�ן�����l�r���@��������ς��?X?��/��=s�݃&�YN�;�k�=B�8T�oZ��}s���:m�s���p�>�����q���?�}S�?��َ ��Վ[email protected]��\��ѱ��/#���V�����tF���u�]������m��QI�ʫ��Yt:�� ��z��l���ON~�0ݑ^;Ŭ'W�!È:w�F��վ�t��� c�����^fVq`cѷhs�L��"}m�]s���p�0�i{�̬�����F�sfL�%K�wR�F��\z��7##*[� ��&t�� ���oT�}K���̬N�Μ�ExM!���Or4���?�n�����VN6{0H�/��C�&=�Gb��c������m��M�u[/���'��. My Printing Science book is a free eBook. ... Engraved cylinders defects visualizing and measuring in detail the performance of the engraving process to further improve quality consistency; ! �{l{Lx�?�k�d�j�YOJ�w*i��s�5ΰ�L���8��A��~�u��N ���k��ZK˄�Nɍ��I���0�e� l�WԞ�֋�sn�}h��&�cK`IP2~�}w��'T�Im����m��i5�M��!ڝ���[� ڋ�auיּ�S�\��M-������;�y_�\}r��w/;���]]m��Ɓ����(z�o��$���\6G����oS{�Ȧ��d7�0��x$�ߊ����[m�NuWWMe�ڝ[a�x&'�_���gYc4'i�� �u�����u���u��ͭ�k٫u-qh$ ׎�֟�]�GW��N1c�X���5-$LH`[email protected]��|�����sp~�tL� vun���Ѷ�Va���8�kuO틕��?��U�����s�х�cLj��fYtL� ��AT���?���-��,gV����xen:[email protected]���u;-��ޡ�Q�Z�ָ�0�5�(���hsd�`�d�ʧ/��N��h{O�^�FEY�uGs,hsO�+���� ��C��Ϫ]K�t��FF%~�/`p!��>>+�~�f�.��g�f��ۏ~5f���D�Y2r�z.^V-����6�9�� Ԉ��\�M������Z���*o��].ܼ�im{[�d��}�����_��}K�Uv.wN�.�)�Z��2t ����qz�V��t�ed�mX�_i���t̝ |������_�W�#(p�į����������c���/�^�]G�7�j�>Ӏl�9�f�1;�$Ġ��c��O3�����n'�0��.-�#O�0x�Lm���K��=?�c���r�!��=յ�p.�� Rotogravure: (typically referred to as Gravure) An intaglio process (in-tal-yo means engraved or cut in)in which a negative image is etched into the surface of a copper printing cylinder as tiny cells or dots of various sizes and depths. %PDF-1.2 %���� hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(219243, '1ddd60a5-28f9-4547-a37d-89315f1db923', {}); Topics: Check the register, and make sure the cells are configured properly. What: Small non- or partially inked circles. Drying in is when ink dries on the cylinder walls, and there are typically only two causes of this: the wrong press conditions or the ink drying too fast. Subscribe to get updates on our business and our philosophy. The main examples of gravure printing are Rotogravure printing and, in the area of arts and crafts, copper plate engraving and die‐stamping (also security printing). Scuffs or scratches in the ink are likely caused by the ink itself, the press conditions, or the paper. Fixing the issue may involve adjusting the ink viscosity, consulting the cylinder department, or adjusting the roller. gravure printing. '�i�����m]G߬w� "(($#$% '+++,.3332-3333333333�� %, �� � We have installed 9 color, 8 color and 7 color high speed gravure printing machines. Gravure printingGravure printing Print methods to choose from – Flexo – UV flexo – UV Letterpress – UV Offset – Rotary (& flatbed) screen – Gravure Film weight / ink deposit depend on print method Litho 1,2-1,5 Letterpress 1,8-2,5 UV Flexo / Flexo 2-4 Screen 8 - 10 Gravure 6 - 10 When the color is too strong, you can address the problem by lacquering in part of the cylinder to reduce cell volume, consulting the cylinder department, adding solvent to reduce the ink viscosity, and adding a clear extender. To correct the press conditions, there are a number of things you can do: If the ink is drying too fast, you should add a slow-drying solvent, decrease the viscosity, and notify the ink supplier. Printing with a small number of colors is also performed by distribution. Gravure printing, impact of engraved cylinder on print performance, cylinder structure, category, composition and properties. Improper tack sequence 5. My book on Nanocoatings with Dr Nigel Holmes is from DesTECH. EDITOR'S NOTE: This post was originally published in July 2017, but due to its popularity and relevance, we're sharing it again for anyone who may not have seen it. I need defects for both sheetfed offset and flexo. In the modern gravure printing industry, you work hard to improve the quality of your printing. 8 0 obj << /Length 9 0 R /Filter /LZWDecode >> stream Daetwyler understands these markets and manu- Gravure printing is a widely used roll-to-roll technique that enables the rapid fabrication of high-resolution printed products, reaching speeds of 20–1000 m/min (Ihalainen et al., 2015). To increase low gloss, add a gloss extender, increase the viscosity, or use less solvent. Whether it is high-speed solvent press printing catalogs or water-based printing on film, each comes with it’s own set of unique applications and printing problems. INTRODUCTION SPECKLE in light tones is one of the major defects of gravure printing. The effect of paper formation on speckle is discussed briefly. Tremendous progress has been made towards the use of gravure printing in highly-scaled electronics. Static electricity increases, especially during winter time, creating poor quality of products, misalignment, paper jams, double feeding, dust adhesion, and even fire. The problem is most visible in areas of heavy ink coverage. One square inch of a conventional gravure cylinder contains 22,5(X) cells, each 0.005 in. Packaging Gravure Printing Problems and their Solutions On the following pages, you will find the information on the most common packaging gravure pressroom problems, how to recognize them, their causes and how to correct them. *:JZjz���������� �� ? Learn to identify the causes and provide solutions to problems experienced by printers every day. The printing machine is equipped with an automatic defect detection device that can record images of defects such as blurs, misregistration, doctor lines, and ink loss. Get your free copy of our, monitoring viscosity in printing applications. Stop Scuffing in Its Tracks. You can also try adjusting the ink viscosity, or adding a defoamer compound. Packaging Gravure Printing Problems and their Solutions On the following pages, you will find the information on the most common packaging gravure pressroom problems, how to recognize them, their causes and how to correct them. �D ѐ�n.��X�Z2��Á �b4"�a�J(c6���h�@D7�` endstream endobj 9 0 obj 49 endobj 6 0 obj << /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Name /im1 /Filter /DCTDecode /Width 300 /Height 37 /BitsPerComponent 8 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Length 7 0 R >> stream across and from 2 to 40 deep. Printing Technology using the lower parts of the printing block for ink transfer. Dark and light areas that are described as puddling, mottling, and volcanoes can be caused by the paper surface, large cells in the cylinder, pressure on the impression roller, and ink that's too thin. Ghosting is most commonly caused by the failure of the anilox to consistently supply sufficient ink throughout the printing process.

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